Who we are now

In light of recent events the Covenant Collective is adjusting our plans and goals. We will be hosting some events this fall to gather more feedback and information about how this organization could be most helpful in the years to come. The Covenant Collective is an association of lay persons, pastors, and churches seeking to preserve and enhance a vision of the Christian faith that is generous, humble, and free. It is committed to the Good News of Jesus Christ that offers liberation and hope to all people including those often marginalized and rejected by the church, especially members of the LBGTQ community. We are committed to the living authority of the Scriptures, the freedom of the local congregation, to the diversity of God’s people and kingdom, and to the church’s mission of proclaiming and living the Good News. We are open to all who want to join in our mission of compassion, mercy, and justice.

As an association (not a denomination) we seek to assist local churches and pastors with:

  • Resources for exploring the difficult questions around human sexuality, the Scriptures, and the church. 

  • Fellowship for those who have been isolated, marginalized, or driven out of or no longer feel at home in their communities.

  • Credentialing for those whose are unable to be credentialed or have lost their credentials. 

To develop such an organization requires time and thought. The current steering committee is seeking to expand its work and include many others in the conversation.  This will be done through:

  • Regional meetings to be arranged during the fall of 2019 and winter of 2020 to solicit support and gather ideas for the development of the collective.

  • The development of a diverse group of board members and advisors from around the country. 

  • To raise funds to enable travel to regional meetings, legal consultation, and part-time staff to foster the development of the collective. 

We ask the following:

  • If you are willing to host a regional meeting, please email us at info@covcollective.com. Plans are already underway for meetings in Chicago, Seattle, and on the East Coast.

  • If you are able to offer financial support, please follow the link for instructions on how to donate to the Covenant Collective: https://www.covcollective.com/takeaction

  • If you have ideas for board members, please direct those to info@covcollective.com as well.