A Pietist Renewal Movement


In the 17th century a group of Christians, eventually called Pietists, sought a way through the mutual hostility of their day. They wanted to be sisters and brothers with anyone who was following Jesus.  It is not that they were indifferent to theology but they recognized their own weakness and fallibility; and perhaps most important, did not want to reject anyone whom Jesus had accepted. As Protestants they believed salvation was by faith and not based on theological correctness.

In seeking a way through the hostility of our own day, the Covenant Collective exists to promote these same ideas for the local church. The Covenant Collective is not a new denomination but rather an association of lay persons, pastors, and churches seeking to preserve and enhance a vision of the Christian faith that is generous, humble, and free. We are committed to the living authority of the Scriptures, the freedom of the local congregation, to the diversity of God’s people and kingdom, and to the church’s mission of proclaiming and living the Good News.



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